Award Jury

Jury members have very important work in hand.

They are the lifeline of the award competition. They need to go through the dozen-odd pages for each entry, prepare questions that are not addressed in the submission document, understanding (and deciphering) content, managing information collected, prioritizing and exercising valuation wisely.

In one hand, they need to appreciate creative thinking while in other hand maintain adherence to guidelines.

Sometimes, they have nominations that challenge their intellect which they discuss with other jury members. Each award category is evaluated by 3-4 jury members. It connects jury members across different geography  (city/ country, industry, etc.) and brings close interaction among them.
  1. Jon Kern
  2. John P Zachman
  3. Dr. Amar Pandey, IPS
  4. Suneel Hoshing
  5. Christopher Organ
  6. Greg Porter
  7. Alex Samarin
  8. Charles Bennet
  9. Yeu Wen Mak
  10. Ralph Whittle
  11. Krish Ayyar
  12. Jef Berga
  13. John Zachman
  14. Sunil Dutt Jha
  15. Marc Gewertz