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  1. How do I submit my nomination?
    You can submit your nomination in Word Format as per our prescribed form. Please download the nomination form. Once we receive your submission, you will receive an acknowledgement from us and it will enter the assessment phase. After the initial assessment, you might be contacted for additional details.
  2. What do I submit?
    The document should provide details of the Architecture at Enterprise or Solution level sufficient for a reasonable assessment to be carried out. The submission should describe Architecture Models at different levels and how the alignment from Strategy to Execution has been realized.
  3. Who can participate?
    The Awards Program is open to all Enterprises large or small, Government agencies. Companies nominate their recently completed Projects or Programs in a Nomination Document.
  4. How do you choose global Winners?
    Finalists for the Global Awards are selected from the Winners of Regional Awards. Global Awards are handed out during the awards function and conference where the finalists and winners share their program details in Keynote, Track Sessions and also be part of Panel Discussions. These conferences have been a great success over the years and Speakers and audience find them a great learning experience
  5. How do I submit my nomination?
    An account will be created for your organization with the primary contact point. You can upload the filled nomination form along with the sample models into your account. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand… you are writing this for lots of different types of people to read and you want to appeal to them all.
  6. Who does the evaluation?
    Assessments for the Awards are carried out by a Global Panel of Jury whose members are selected from Practitioners, Academics, Consultants who are globally recognised in the field of Business Strategy, IT Management, Operations Management and Architecture.
  7. My project is in prototype phase. Can I submit?
    Only those initiatives which are already implemented and operational will be considered and not prototypes and pilot projects/Proof of concepts.
  8. Do you accept more than one nomination from a company?
    A company may nominate more than one initiative for the award.
  9. What happens if my company win the Award?
    Awards will be presented during the Architecture World Summit to be held at the New York. Finalists and Winner Companies must participate in the Architecture World Summit through a senior management representative to receive the Award. You are expected to share the project experience in the panel discussion or track session or both. Please note that participation in the summit is mandatory to receive the award.
  10. Why there is an entry fee for participating in ICMG Awards?
    Each project nomination needs significant hours of efforts. The fees will go towards the cost of managing such multi-country, multi-time zone environment needs for more resources and operational support. We believe this is just a nominal fee that would reflect a firm commitment from the participating organizations.
  11. What's Entry fee structure?
    • Government Agencies, Departments = Zero fee • Small & Medium Enterprises, Revenue < $500 mn = US$295 • Large Enterprises, Revenue >US$ 500 mn = US$495
  12. When is the last date of submission?
    Please note that last date of submission is different for different zones. Please visit "Schedule" page for the submission dates.
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