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Excellence Awards 2019
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Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in new technologies, re-imagined business processes, innovative business models, tighter regulations, heightened customer preferences etc., etc. within the Enterprise.

This has resulted in a need to properly Architect Business and Technology Solutions both at the Enterprise and Solution level. Although many have realized this, very few Enterprise Architecture Programs can be thought of as “Excellent”.

At ICMG, our vision is to recognize and reward this Architecture Excellence for the good of the Enterprise.

contributes significantly towards this and within ICMG we call this approach
“Inter-Connected Models for the Good of the Enterprise”.  


Important Dates

  1. Sept 10, Tuesday
    Last Day of Nomination
    Once you download the nomination form. Our team will create your account in My Architecture portal. Upload filled form into your account.
  2. Oct 1, Tuesday
    Evaluation Round III
    The third round of evaluation is based on video interaction with project team head and one or more of the jury members.
  3. 19-20-21 NOV, WASHINGTON DC
    Global Final Round, WASHINGTON DC
    GLOBAL Digital Architecture Summit (Onsite Assessment) on 19-20-21 NOV, WASHINGTON DC. Winners will be awarded during a gala function to be held during Summit
  4. Sept 17, Tuesday
    Evaluation Round 1
    Screening of nominations in terms of project completion status, the category selected, documents (models) submitted.
  5. Sep 24 , Tuesday
    Evaluation Round II
    Evaluation of nominations (project documents). Each nomination is evaluated by 3-4 jury members.
  6. Oct 8, Tuesday
    Regional Finalists
    Finalists in each of the qualified category will be announced.
  1. Title 14
  2. Title 15
  3. Title 16
  4. Title 17
  5. Title 18
  6. Title 19
  7. Title 20
  8. Title 21
  9. Title 22
  10. Title 23
  11. Title 24
Why Participate?

 In last 12 years, ICMG Global Architecture Excellence Award Program which is driven by independent jury has become a  global benchmark of excellence with the leading companies from over 30 countries participating every year.


ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards competition provides a great opportunity for the teams and organizations to benchmark their Enterprise & IT Architecture capability.

Industry Recognization

It provides a platform to showcase grit and guts, perseverance to continue and do more beyond tiresome and long monotonous hours of work, and share with the community about the results, success, and their accomplishments. 

Visibility and Credibility 

ICMG Architecture Award competition provides a neutral, peer level, jury driven assessment and rating that provides unparalleled opportunity to market your service / product

We thank all participants who are the lifeline of the competition. Global Winners for this year will be announced during Architecture World summit on  19-20-21 Nov in Washington DC,  the world's most vibrant summit for practitioners and customers of Enterprise & IT Architecture.

Winners 2017 Album

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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