Global Chief Strategists 2018

A global list to recognize the contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise Architecture.

Meet The Strategists
High degree of enterprise results using Enterprise Architecture Principles

Dheeraj Kohli

Stephan Hug
Credit Suisse

Fabio Hasegawa
Avanadae Brazil

Dheeraj Kohli

Mr. Dheeraj Kohli receiving the  Global Chief Strategists 2018 Award  from John Zachman for demonstrating leadership in business decision making with measurable results, creating industry-leading solutions, and adoption of latest Technology for faster & better execution.
Enterprise Architecture as The Basis of Strategy Execution
  1. Strategy Leadership
    This recognition is first of its kind, as it evaluates Chief Strategist based on their leadership to "projects" or " initiatives" with a high degree of business influence and measurable results using Enterprise Architecture.
  2. Decision-making
    It's interesting to note how these Global Strategy Officers are shifting to "Architecture centric" decision-making process to guarantee sustainable business value.
  3. Execution Ownership
    These Global Strategy Officers are a true representation of the enterprise architecture way of thinking

Why Global Chief Strategists  Award 

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